A Culture of Commitment

One of the greatest HR struggles facing today’s managers is creating employee engagement. Be it with a
mission statement, new product or service, organizational directive, or even the company itself, getting
employees to passionately ‘buy-in’ can be elusive, and sometimes downright impossible.

There is one company who seems to have the engagement thing figured out, however, and that’s

Google has always had a reputation for having inspired and committed individuals who willingly – nay
enthusiastically – give more to the company than what is expected of them. What’s their secret? Well,
it’s actually no secret since all they are doing is following the FIVE basic engagement principles for
getting almost ANYONE to do what needs to be done…and it all boils down to treating people well. Let’s
look at just two of those principles.

The first is making sure that everyone knows and understands clearly and unambiguously what the
company expects from their employees or associates. Google sets those expectations plainly out in their
“Philosophy: 10 Things We Know To be True”.

See http://www.google.com/about/corporate/company/tenthings.html

The brilliance of this treatise is that it sets a tough, yet appealing, work culture standard that not
everyone actually wants – or wants but can’t deliver. So only the best need apply! The result is a gaggle
of like-spirited soul-mates whose personal behavior and work ethic is reflected back at them daily.
People like people who are like themselves. And this culture soon weeds out the non-performers and
wannabees. The result is a unique, exclusive and envied “club” that no-one ever wants to be kicked out

The fifth engagement principle focuses on making sure that when it comes to rewarding employees,
they get the things THEY want, and not just the things YOU want to give them. And Google deliver
this principle in spades. From providing a generous amount of in-house recreation and healthcare to
gourmet chefs working in on-campus eateries, available in-office beds and rest areas to free haircuts,
daycare and fitness equipment, they’ve got the ‘carrot stick’ well under control.

As a result of following all 5 principles,

Google’s hundreds of employees consistently ranking their company as one of the best employers in the

If you’re looking for more information on the five engagement principles, check out the #1 Best Selling
Business book, “A Tale of Two Employees” . Clever, entertaining and insightful. This book provides a
thoughtful examination of “how” to manage interpersonal relationships and get things done THROUGH
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