Mission Statements on the Web

Hands down, one of the most important things a company can have is a Mission Statement, as it communicates the company’s focus and main purpose for existing to potential customers, investors and employees.  The question is, however, what is the best way to communicate it to the public?

Imagine a billboard, if you will.  The billboard contains an ingenious advertisement, which will capture the attention of anyone who sees it.  Now, imagine this billboard is not only seen by those driving down the particular highway its located on, but can be seen from every highway, road, street, avenue, etc.  That billboard is your company’s Mission Statement, and that highway is the World Wide Web.

Since the development of the internet in the 1960s and the web in the 1980s, businesses have been able to extend their reach to the entire globe.  Thus, they have been able to extend their client base exponentially.

These days, the majority of businesses create a company website, which details basic information about the business’ history, practices, products and services, purpose, etc.  Websites are valuable sources of information, they are relatively simple to maintain and they are easily accessible to the public.

A company that not only publicly displays their Mission Statement, but does so in a way that anyone in the world can see it, shows confidence in their business practices.  A consumer, employee or investor will find this confidence safe and comforting, and recognize it as almost a guarantee of the product or service.

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