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A Tale of Two Employees – Best Selling Business Author viagra Ebook

Execution is everything. For years managers have been asked to implement their organization’s mission and strategy with fewer resources than before, whether it be fewer employees, a smaller budget, less time, or less administrative support. With situations like this, it can be extraordinarily difficult to effectively engage employees whereby they passionately commit to their organization’ current and future aspirations.

Research relentlessly reports that regardless of the economic circumstances, having an engaged workforce – one that is enthusiastically willing to give more than just what is required to hold onto their jobs – contributes to better business performance. For example, Hewitt Associates has found in its annual survey of employees in client companies around the world that, since the onset of the economic recession in 2008, for those organizations having less than 40% of their workers ‘engaged’, shareholder returns were 44% lower than the average. In contrast, when 65% or more of employees were engaged, shareholder returns were 19% higher than the average.

It is for reasons like these that eliminating workplace alienation and creating an engaged workforce has become the new mantra for firms climbing their way out of the recession. Achieving true employee engagement can be very challenging. However, with mission and vision guru Dr. Chris Bart’s help, it has never been easier to do.

After two decades of research, Bart shares the four essential questions and management practices for capturing the holy grail of employee engagement in his book “A Tale of Two Employees and the person who wanted to lead them” – the #1 Best selling business book for 2010. A best seller since 2003, the book is written as a fable making it an easy read as it provides a straightforward, simple-to-implement solution for creating a culture of engagement in any organization. The book has also been recently published as an ebook through, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters/Indigo.

CEO of Cirba Corporation, Gerry Smith, raved about his experience in managing his employees, and how Dr. Bart’s insight in his new book book helped Gerry shape his management team. He explains, “I know my number one challenge: getting others to understand and execute our strategy. A Tale of Two Employees is an entertaining and quick read whereby Bart provides a wonderful step-by-step guide to diligent leadership and employee engagement. A guide to which I now frequently refer to. and one that helps my entire management team get the most out of our employees.”

Regardless of your managerial and leadership level, this book is a must-read. For anyone facing employee engagement problems, and what leader hasn’t, this book is perfect for those who are looking for simple truths for getting almost anyone to do what needs to be done.

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