Reviews for A Tale of Two Employees

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We’d love to hear your reviews for Dr. Chris Bart’s book A Tale of Two Employees.  Please take a moment to provide your feedback in the “Reply” form below. All reviews will be posted as part of the thread for this post. Naprosyn

5 Questions to Add Effectiveness to your Mission Statement

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Let’s face it, while being the most popular management tool of the past 20 years, the mission statement is also, by and far, the least respected and most misunderstood. That’s because most leaders fail to appreciate what a mission statement is actually supposed to do: focus, motivate and control the behavior of organizational members in [...]

7 Essentials for Organizational Success

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One of the greatest challenges any manager can face is “keeping up.” But, staying abreast of the latest wisdom, information, techniques and opinions of various experts can consume tremendous amounts of time that the modern manager simply doesn’t have. Sometimes…well, most of the time actually, it isn’t about discovering new wisdom. It’s more about knowing [...]

4 Essential Leadership Acts

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Leadership can sometimes be seen as a great, esoteric concept that only a select few towering individuals can ever hope to master. While those in leadership roles may see that as job security, that same unnerving complexity can sometimes prevent others from moving up and growing in their organizational roles. The truth of the matter [...]

More than Money

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Direction, purpose, knowledge and motivation. Every employee seeks these yet few employers successfully provide them to their workforce. Without them, though, you are never going to get the kind of passionate effort and commitment you need from your employees to succeed in these competitively shark-infested waters. So, then, what to do?

A Culture of Commitment

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One of the greatest HR struggles facing today’s managers is creating employee engagement. Be it with a mission statement, new product or service, organizational directive, or even the company itself, getting employees to passionately ‘buy-in’ can be elusive, and sometimes downright impossible. There is one company who seems to have the engagement thing figured out, [...]