New “Sports Governance Education Program”

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Board Members of local sport organizations are facing an ever increasing list of problems previously unimaginable. They also find themselves under increased scrutiny to demonstrate accountability and transparency to a host of stakeholders – parents, government officials, the media, team players, coaches and trainers and the staff members that support the organization. The Sports Governance [...]

Charities and Good Governance

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Recently the Toronto Star posted an article entitled, “Audit of Charities Encounters Resistance.” The opening line read as follows: “Nineteen of Canada’s 100 largest charities do not release their full audited financial statements to the public and refused to provide them to an independent agency that evaluates charities.” The article listed a number of well [...]

Mission Statements: Strategies to Consider

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For many organizations, controlling workplace and employee behaviour is by no means a new problem. Getting employees to behave in a manner which is consistent with and reinforces the goals and aspirations contained in the company mission statement (a core and cornerstone strategic document) is at best an ongoing challenge. Indeed, the true test of [...]

Today’s Globe & Mail – Bestselling Business Books

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  generic cialis online celebrex recall Viagra is the most famous ‘love pill’ in the world, but it is not the only option for you. The majority of men who tried both brand and generic pills state that Cialis (the most famous and top-quality generic drug) works better. It is up to you to decide [...]

Boards – 2012 To Do List

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Of all the topics that boards are currently considering as part of their 2012 to do list (i.e. better risk management, taming executive compensation, more constructive engagement on strategy) I think that there’s one major topic missing….that is, the board’s separate-from-management ”accountability for the performance of the organization”. Shareholders need to start seeing an Annual Board Performance [...]

Globe and Mail Bestseller List 2012

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    On January 10th 2012 my book A TALE OF TWO EMPLOYEES was ranked as the #4 Best Selling Business Book in Canada for 2011…this is the 9th consecutive year that the book has appeared on the list (#1 in 2010).    

Mission to make money?

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The purpose of a corporation is to make money…well, sort of… For the record, I have spent most of my academic career unraveling the mystery of mission statements – the most popular management tool in the world and yet equally among the most despised. What I have found is that a well crafted, communicated and [...]

Recent Press Release

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A Tale of Two Employees – Best Selling Business Author viagra Ebook Execution is everything. For years managers have been asked to implement their organization’s mission and strategy with fewer resources than before, whether it be fewer employees, a smaller budget, less time, or less administrative support. With situations like this, it can be extraordinarily [...]

Mission Statements on the Web

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Hands down, one of the most important things a company can have is a Mission Statement, as it communicates the company’s focus and main purpose for existing to potential customers, investors and employees.  The question is, however, what is the best way to communicate it to the public? Imagine a billboard, if you will.  The [...]

Promoting an Ethical Work Environment

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It may come as no surprise that ethics are an important component of business. However, in today’s troubled world, corporations seem to have lost this “common knowledge,” and have instead swapped it with an obsessive drive for profits – at any cost.  To understand how imperative ethical behavior is, you have to consider the impact [...]